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EPI is an independent, highly experienced and skilled seismic QC/QA consultancy to the Energy Industry with a variety of specialist skills for land, marine and TZ Quality Control. As an international consultancy we work globally providing clients with outstanding 'seismic QC solutions'. Our experience includes: * Arctic exploration * 4D Reservoir monitoring * Carbon capture & storage * Frontier exploration * OBC/ OBC technologies * Wireless & node technology * Unconventional resources.

We offer a fully bespoke service and cover all aspects of project design, parameter and source optimisation, crew mentoring, start-ups, technical assurance, HSSE QC support and seismic data processing.

Have sponsored the following events

Finding Oil & Gas in Mexico
What are the opportunities for exploration and production in Mexico?
17 Sep 2015

Finding African Oil
Invest in Africa! but where?
28 Jan 2015

Arctic opportunities it the place to go or the place to avoid?
24 Oct 2014

Performance Excellence
....remains a challenge in our industry
12 Jun 2014

Global Hotspots
...are we at a nodal point?
22 Apr 2014

Advances in Seismic Technology
......seismic technology powers on!
06 Feb 2014

Finding petroleum in the South Atlantic
...if there's any left to find!
05 Nov 2013

Finding big oil fields in East Africa
..onshore, yes, but are there any offshore?!
09 Apr 2013

Finding Opportunities in Southern Africa
Reviewing the potential oil and gas industry in Southern Africa
09 Jan 2013

Managing declining fields with geophysics
Monitoring reservoirs in production - business opportunity or blind alley?
27 Nov 2012

Emerging deepwater areas
Understanding the deepwater opportunity
26 Sep 2012

East African Exploration - where are the big fields hiding?
Finding big fields in East Africa
17 Apr 2012

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How does Iraq fit into the Global Oil Industry - and is there hope for the international oil companies?
by Neil McMahon from Bernstein Research

"Good range of talks, covering many aspects of fractured reservoirs."


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