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EOS Solutions, LLC uses 4D simulation and 3D visualization technology to neutralize the financial risk associated with operating large scale complex systems. The Company's advanced systems modeling techniques produce 4D simulations that make it possible to assess the viability of operational plans prior to making major capital investments. The 4D simulations EOS creates can help you understand any number of issues that may affect the profitability of a project during its life cycle, including: new technology, staffing levels, weather, equipment failure and delivery schedules.
As a global leader in operations research and systems modeling, EOS understands that poor collaboration among cross-functional groups can bring operations to an abrupt halt. That is why EOS offers 3D PDF Converter software to help ensure that critical 3D data moves efficiently throughout the supply chain in a universally accessible format. As the exclusive training, support and service provider for 3D PDF Converter software, EOS is equipped to help you integrate the collaborative power of 3D PDF into every aspect of the design and engineering process.

Steve Prast - Founder and Managing Partner
Mr. Prast is the Founder and Managing Partner of EOS Solutions, LLC, where he has overseen the Company’s growth into a global leader in 4D simulation modeling and 3D visualization technologies. As one of the world’s foremost experts in discrete event simulation software and systems modeling, he has led a number of major 4D simulation projects for clients in the oil and gas, aerospace and defense i
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The Real Challenges to Building Collaborative Centers
by Charles McFarland from Halliburton Landmark

"The well-planned order of the high quality presentations, which followed a logical flow, allowing speakers to build directly on what was said in previous talks, greatly enhancing the overall value."

Christian Bukovics (Cygnus Energy Ltd)


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