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EMGS is a Norwegian, leading market share Geophysical company focused on the acquisition, processing, inversion and interpretation of 3D marine controlled source electro-magnetic (CSEM) data. To date that they have acquired over 850 commercial surveys worldwide and have over 110,000 km sq of 3D multi-client data covering many of the world's petroleum basins. The company has developed methods and tools to enable clients to integrate CSEM data into existing seismic and other geophysical datasets. When applied systematically across a CSEM sensitive portfolio. The new information provided by CSEM has the effect of polarizing existing evaluations, making CSEM a valuable tool in exploration venture evaluation. EMGS work in frontier regions and mature basins, from the Arctic to southeast Asia, and from offices across the world.

Dr. Svein Ellingsrud - Founder & Vice President
Dr. Svein Ellingsrud's Awards

2009 - "Honorary Award 2009" from the Geological Society of Norway for notable achievements in the development and applications of CSEM in petroleum exploration

2008 - "Geofysikkprisen 2008" from NPF (Norwegian Petroleum Society) The Norwegian Geophysical Prize.

2007 - Society of Exploration Geophysicsts: Virgil Kaufman Gold Medal for
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Daniel Baltar - Global Exploration Advisor
Daniel Baltar is the Global Exploration Advisor for EMGS ASA.

Is responsible for the integration of CSEM measurements in existing workflows and business models. Previously he founded Cycle Petroleum and was its exploration director from 2018 to 2021. He has had a lead role in the integration of EM data into the exploration workflow, starting with Pemex's campaign in the deep-water Gulf of
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Neville Barker -

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Lodve Berre - senior geoscientist

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