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The basic principle behind 2Co Energy is to put the effects of the damage done by the key contributor to climate change, CO2 into reverse. With 2Co's existing capability, CO2 can be captured, transported, used to produce oil that's previously been impossible to recover, and then stored permanently out of harm's way deep under the sea floor. It means the world can view CO2 in a different light, as a valuable tool in the oil industry


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Lewis Gillies - Director
Lewis served as Chief Executive of Hydrogen Energy International, the former BP/Rio Tinto joint venture, from its formation until the end of 2009 and, prior to that, was head of BP's Hydrogen Power Business Unit of BP Alternative Energy. In that time he led the development of a number of CCS power projects in different regions of the world including two of the most advanced - in Abu Dhabi and Cali
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Jim Lorsong - Exploration and Production Director
James has worked in the CCS business since 2005, when he managed subsurface and wells design of offshore EOR plus CO2 storage for BP's DF1 Project in Scotland. Later he managed worldwide appraisal and development of CO2 storage for Hydrogen Energy (a joint venture of BP and Rio Tinto), overseeing projects in the Middle East, North America, Europe and Australia.

His most recent assignment
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Tough seismic nuts to crack
by Ian Jack from Ian Jack

"Spectrum talk remarkably insightful, totally novel, repercussions immense."

Nick Cameron (GeoInsight Limited)


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