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Steve O'Connor

Stephen is a petroleum geologist who has worked with many types of oilfield data, particularly in the areas of reservoir quality, structural geology, fault seal and pore pressure.
He started his career working on exploration assignments for Unocal and BP/Amoco, before returning to university to undertake MSc. in Sedimentology at Reading University, studying the Clair Field, West of Shetland.

After graduating, he worked as a sedimentologist for a range of consultancies and more recently he specialized in fault seal, working for Rock Deformation Research, which included working in such areas as building structural models using Petrel, petrophysical log interpretation, analysis of fault zone properties and fluid flow on a macro to micro-scale.

His current role as Technical Manager at Ikon GeoPressure involves supervising all technical aspects of worldwide project work, including producing pore and fracture pressure profiles using direct pressure measurements, petrophysical logs and seismic velocity data and incorporating results into well plans and field-scale and regional studies.

He has published papers in areas such as lateral drainage/hydrodynamics and seal breach.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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