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Robin Sutherland

Robin has a degree in Geophysics (BSc Hons Edinburgh) and has been exploring for oil, gas and minerals on the African continent for over 35 years.
He has held a variety of technical and leadership roles in African businesses, joining the highly respected Energy Africa team in Cape Town in 1997, prior to the transformational discoveries in Equatorial Guinea, and leading Tullow’s exploration team through the discovery and appraisal of the Jubilee and TEN fields in Ghana before becoming Tullow’s exploration GM for the continent in 2015.

Robin joined the Monitor team as a senior adviser in 2021 and has since contributed significantly to the company’s strategy, business plan and technical understanding.

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Monitor (and Invictus) exploration campaigns in Namibia and Zimbabwe, and an update on South Africa (Title TBC)
Explore onshore Southern Africa - not just deep, deep, water!
Friday, February 9, 2024

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