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Rob Crossley

Following his PhD work in the southern part of the Kenya Rift Valley, Rob gained 9 years of experience as a lecturer in the University of Malawi, followed by over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas geoscience services industry.

His geoscience service work started in 1986 with Robertson Research as Sedimentologist, and he has remained with the Robertson team in North Wales throughout, becoming part of the CGG’s Geoscience division in 2013. His early work included reservoir and field unitisation studies in the North Sea, subsurface projects along the West African margin, and outcrop to subsurface work across North Africa.

His role became increasingly petroleum geological, undertaking evaluation and exploration projects across the Middle East, India and the Far East.

He subsequently worked as lead geologist on projects in the Sea of Okhotsk, Korea, Gulf of Thailand, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and the Beaufort Sea. He was involved in helping develop our global source and reservoir prediction services through integration of large data sets by using plate modelling and palaeogeographic mapping to build a framework for modelling palaeoclimate, palaeooceanography and palaeotides.

More recently, he has been working on multiclient projects along the conjugate Atlantic margins of Africa and South America.

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