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Paul Markwick

Paul has over 25 years experience in academia and industry. He began his career at BP back in the 1980s where his work included upwelling predictions using conceptual climate models, palaeogeographic mapping, cyclostratigraphy and oil from coals. In 1989 he started his PhD with Professor Fred Ziegler, as part of the Paleogeographic Atlas Project at the University of Chicago. His work on palaeoclimate proxies brought together palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, database design and management and statistics. This was followed by a post-doc with Professors Paul Valdes and Bruce Sellwood at the University of Reading applying palaeoclimate models to the southwest African coast as an exploration tool for placer diamonds. In 1998 he joined Robertson Research (now CGG-Robertson) where he developed the palaeogeographic and predictive source rock models, which subsequently became central to the “Merlin” project. He joined Getech at the end of 2004 to set up the Petroleum Systems Evaluation Group and became group manager in 2006. He joined Getech’s board in 2008 as Geological Director and became Technical Director in 2010.

Paul continues to actively pursue academic research and has convened two conferences on Palaeogeography (Cambridge 2008) and Predictive Lithofacies Modelling (Snowbird 2006), as well as publishing numerous papers on topics as diverse as glacioeustacy, Antarctic tectonics and palaeogeography, database design, the K/T extinction, biodiversity and climate, palaeoclimate proxies and drainage analysis.

Paul has is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Universities of Bristol and Leeds.

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