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Kevin Boyd

Kevin’s career has focused on solving customer and industry problems in the areas of
Condition Monitoring, Process Automation, Paperless Inspection, Track & Trace and
Wearable Safety. Data-driven insights made possible using software and industrial digital
technologies has been a constant thread throughout this journey.

During this time, he has held various leadership positions, helping to turnaround, build and grow the respective businesses. On-site experience in onshore/offshore Oil & Gas,
PetroChem, Power Gen, Whisky and other industries has maintained a practical viewpoint.

Working as an independent advisor today, Kevin helps startup and established businesses
on their journey to profitable growth.

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Combining real time data with subsurface models
by Knut Midtveit from Roxar

"The first and last sessions were very informative & interesting, and gave a very practical perspective on their respective topics."

David Harper (Harper Associates)


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