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Karl Farrow

30 Years in Energy sector starting life in Oil and Gas Exploration via a HND apprenticeship with a major US drilling rig manufacturer in the UK. During his 20’s he worked primarily within construction management within Europe and North Sea supervising EPC fabrication and Hook-up activities offshore. Founding Petrotec Group in 2000 in Spain, a bespoke project management interface and commissioning business with proprietary PMC software and operational offices in UK and across Europe and the Americas. Following acquisition 2008 Karl moved into a role as Director of International Commissioning Business for Wood, before moving to Mexico 2012 where he held roles as Operations Director for Petrofac and Regional Director IHI Corporation which is where Karl was first exposed to Geothermal Energy which has lead Karl on his journey to founding CeraPhi Energy a bespoke energy company with proprietary approach to developing affordable energy from Deep Geothermal.

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Non-seismic geophysics - what seems to work, what doesn't! (Title TBC)
by Hamish Wilson, Keith Nunn and Matt Luheshi from SLR

"Excellent talks with a diverse yet coherent content."


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