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Cleveland M Jones

Prof. Jones is currently a researcher at INOG (Instituto Nacional de Óleo e Gás – INCT/CNPq - Brazil), a consultant (geopolitics of oil and energy) to District Attorneys and oil and other industries, member of the Geosciences Advisory Board of NXT Energy Solutions, Inc. of Canada, board member of Waste to Power South Australia Pty., Ltd., and technology director of Fronteira Energia Ltda. (Brazil). He was also founder and director of several environmental and biotech firms, Course Coordinator of the Post-Graduate Program in Environmental Management (FUNCEFET, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Coordinator of the Industrial Engineering Studies Group (NEPRO) at UERJ, Coordinator of a major Knowledge Management project (Petrobras/UERJ), and led the Environmental Diagnostic Project at Brazil´s largest municipal landfill.

He is an expert in energy and resource assessment (yet-to-find-oil), biotech applications (bioaugmentation, bioremediation, MEOR, biohydrogen and gold hydrogen), and environmental/sustainability topics. Prof. Jones is a frequent speaker, author of technical articles, and member of Mensa Brazil and other professional organizations. He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Prof. Jones Graduated in Physics and Economics (post graduate work in International Economics) at Cornell University (1974), has a post-graduate degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro, 2007), and a masters (2009, Basin Analysis) and doctoral (2014, MEOR - Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) degree in Geology, also from UERJ. He is also an Environmental Auditor (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

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