Lunch'n Think Webinar: Geothermal Success in the Karoo of Zambia (and South Africa)

....why is Geothermal Energy neglected in the region? 0

Friday, May 14, 2021, Webinar, Online

Deep sedimentary basins are currently being assessed globally with respect to their geothermal energy resources.

So far, the utilization of deep geothermal energy has not been addressed or included in any renewable energy scheme of South Africa. For example, the most recent Bid 7 call for renewable power was focused entirely on solar and onshore wind and was completely ‘silent’ on the question of geothermal energy.

However, the Main Karoo Basin, with an area of 700,000 km2 and a basin fill of more than 5000 m of siliciclastic rocks, is a promising target for future enhanced geothermal system (EGS) resource exploration, development and production.

In South Africa itself, there has been little testing although a well in the Eastern Cape Province did find temperatures of 80 °C at 2200 m depth indicate a moderately elevated geothermal gradient. Sandstones of the Ripon Formation occurring at >3000 m depths in the southern Eastern Cape region were reported as “promising EGS reservoirs with temperatures >100 °C suitable for electricity production in a binary geothermal power plant”.

Further north though in Zambia, also in Karoo rocks, Kalahari GeoEnergy drilled wells in late 2020 that found significantly higher temperatures thereby offering better potential; they will be the presenters in this Webinar.



David Bamford - Director - Finding Petroleum

Welcome & Introduction

David Bamford is well known around the oil & gas industry both as an explorer and a geophysicist. He holds a Physics degree from the University of Bristol and a Ph.D in Geological Sciences from the University of Birmingham.

Since 2004, he has been a non-executive director at Tullow Oil plc, being recruited for this position especially for his exploration knowledge. He serves on the Nominations and Remuneration Committees, and was chairman of the latter, and Senior Independent Director, for 3 years prior to his retire from the board at the end of April 2014.

He was on the board of Premier Oil from May 2014 to May 2016.

He retired from BP plc in 2003, his last four positions being Chief Geophysicist (1990-1995), Business Unit Leader (General Manager) for first West Africa and then Norway (1995-1999), and finally Head of Exploration until 2003.

He has served on the boards of Paras Ltd, a small exploration and IS/IT consulting company in which he held 22% equity, until its sale to RPS Energy in 2008 and Welltec a/s, a Danish well engineering company, as the nominee of the private equity investor Riverside.

From 2012 to 201 he was on the board of ASX-quoted Australia Oriental Energy as a non-executive director.

He was a founder of Richmond Energy Partners, a small oil & gas research house, and several media companies that focus on the oil & gas sector, and has served as an advisor to Alliance Bernstein, Opus Executive, the Parkmead Group plc, and Kimmeridge Energy LLP. Since retiring from BP, he has undertaken asset and company valuation projects for investment banks, hedge funds and small oil companies.

Finding Petroleum
Finding Petroleum was established to help the oil and gas industry network, and stay up to date on the latest technological developments. It does this via hosting regular events and with an online social network of nearly 10,000 members.

Peter Vivian Neal - CEO & Founder - Kalahari GeoEnergy

Title TBC

In the ‘Noughties’ Peter Vivian-Neal was co-founder and CEO of Kiwara plc, the London AIM listed exploration company which found one of Zambia’s bigger copper deposits. Following the acquisition of Kiwara by First Quantum Minerals in 2010, Peter switched his focus to geothermal energy for both the generation of electricity and the direct uses of thermal energy for agri-industry processes. He is founder and CEO of Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd whose objective is to be an independent sustainable power producer in power stricken Southern Africa. The Company holds exploration rights in Southern Zambia. After extensive research and exploration including drilling of over 6,000m of geothermal slim wells, the Company is currently (Q1-Q3 2021) running a feasibility study on a relatively shallow resource at Bweengwa River.
The experience gained in the geology and exploration challenges of the Karoo (Permian) basin that hosts this target has triggered optimism that other similar geothermal systems in Southern Africa can be developed for commercially viable, sustainable, power production.
Peter currently lives in Zambia.

Kalahari GeoEnergy
13:30 Q&A

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