Geothermal energy 4 - developments in the UK


Friday, January 21, 2022, Webinar, Online

Continuing our series about geothermal energy, in this webinar we look at developments with geothermal wells in the UK.

We have presentations about work by the UK Coal Authority looking at abandoned mines huge potential to decarbonise heat demand, studies from the British Geological Survey, and research at Newcastle University.

This webinar is at 1pm - 2pm London time

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Conference producer - Avinga Pallangyo,

Event moderator - David Bamford,



Charlotte Adams - Principal Manager – Mine Water Heat - The Coal Authority

The Coal Authority
The Coal Authority makes a better future for people and the environment in mining areas.

Coal Authority is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Darren Jones - Deep Geothermal Resource Lead – Decarbonisation and Resource Management - British Geological Survey

British Geological Survey
The British Geological Survey is the UK's foremost supplier of geoscience solutions and custodian of much of the country's geoscientific information, carrying out research in areas such as energy and natural resources, vulnerability to environmental change and hazards, and Earth System Science.

Mark Ireland - - Newcastle University

Newcastle University
Newcastle University (legally the University of Newcastle upon Tyne) is a UK public research university based in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England. It has overseas campuses in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Similarly nations developing an oil and gas industry face related challenges as they seek to maximise the benefits of this new wealth-creating opportunity - in a responsible manner.

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