Doing more with drilling data

Drilling better into pay - and avoiding costly mistakes 1

Wednesday, October 24, 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Our free half day conference in KL, Malaysia, on Wednesday October 24th is about ways to do more with drilling data, to improve understanding of what is happening, communications between people involved, and reduce non productive time.

Topics include:

- Why having better data integration between rig and office can help you make better engineering decisions
- How to get better early warning advice of potential problems, to reduce non productive time
- How you can get a better understanding of drilling, by putting all the available data through 'high performance data management' systems.

We have run an event on the same topic in Stavanger, Norway, in October 2012 and in Aberdeen, UK, in May 2012.

This is part of a series of 2 one day events we are running in KL on October 24-25

October 24 - Doing more with with drilling data

October 25 am - Doing more with subsurface data

October 25 pm - Getting data tools implemented faster

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9:00 Arrivals and Registration. Tea & Coffee


Tony Edwards - director - StepChange Global

Chairman's introduction

Tony is a recognised expert in the application of Digital Oilfield Technologies in the oil and gas industry. He has more than 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry in leading companies such as BP and BG. His core discipline is in operations management including 5 years offshore and 3 years as Operations Manager on major Oil and Gas project.

StepChange Global
StepChange Global is a market leader in the application of Intelligent Energy and Integrated Operations, StepChange Global is a leading partner in driving business change.

The company is currently based in UK, Norway and the USA.

StepChange Global has a network of more than 35 associates that work with customers to create value by implementing effective collaboration and network based operations, locally and globally.

Jess Kozman - SE Asia Regional Manager: E&P Applications - IM - Mubadala Petroleum

Where Mubadala sees integration of drilling data with G&G going in the future

Talk Description.
Some projects that I worked on with drilling data as a consultant before coming to Mubadala

Jess Kozman is the Southeast Asia Regional Manager for exploration and production applications and information management at Mubadala Petroleum in Singapore. Mubadala is a fully owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi government that purchased the operations of Pearl Oil in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Jess has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry as an exploration geophysicist, IT data and project manager, and has founded and operated independent consulting companies specializing in data management and predictive analytics. His project work covers over 50 countries on every petroleum producing continent. He is a Licensed Professional Geoscientist, Registered Petroleum Geophysicist, and a Certified Project Management Practitioner. Jess is a frequent speaker at industry events and facilitates workshops and field trips for education and community outreach

Mubadala Petroleum
Mubadala Petroleum is a young and ambitious international, upstream oil and gas exploration and production company. We were established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company in 2012, incorporating and building on the success of Mubadala's Oil & Gas business unit.

Adi Iswanto - Indonesian country manager - Petrolink International

The process of seamless data integration for right time decision making"

Talk Description.
Adi Iswanto will be joined by Michael Vezey, Jakarta office of Petrolink.

Talk includes case studies from the North Sea, West Africa and Mexico
Petrolink International
Petrolink is the largest independent and neutral service company to collect, aggregate, deliver, store, and visualise wellsite real-time and static data.By using industry standards (WITSML) and the adaptability to customise workflows to the operator's business needs, Petrolink improves operational efficiency and decision making, while reducing costs.

Enrico Saperdi - Director - The BB Visual Group

Early warning real-time systems and appropriate visualization of well data helps to reduce drilling risks and NPTs

Managing Director
Oilteams Srl - BB Visual Group
2004 – Present (8 years)
Business development, sales, coordinator and project manager for:
- Real-time well data software and services: well data aggregation, display and transmission supporting WITS, WITSML and other industry standards.
- HSE services and training.

The BB Visual Group
Visual Solutions, a company in the BB Visual Group, has its primary business within the integration of operations for the Oil & Gas industry. We are focused on delivering positive change in challenging business environments by better connecting data, applications and processes with people and places.

We have offices in Bergen, Norway (WHQ), Houston, US and Brighton, UK. Our customers are located all over the world.

Visual Solutions can contribute tailor made solutions enabling and improving collaboration and cross-disciplinary interaction across organisation units and geographic locations.

We provide a significant value for our customers, through the science of collaboration and cooperation within our clients organisation and their partners.
11:00 Break


David Hattrick - Director Oil&Gas and Mining Asia Pacific at Oracle Corporation - Oracle Corporation

Getting a better understanding of drilling - through advances in high performance data management technology

Sales, Marketing, Business Development professional with over 25 years experience in the IT industry with a specific focus on the Energy, Utility and Mining Industries.

Achievements include building PipeLines, a successful global surfing business in the 70s, part of the privatisation team for the first government agency in Australia in the 80s, a quantum improvement in HP's corporate reputation in ANZ and building one of Sun's largest market share sites globally in WA in the 90s, the rapid expansion of Sun's penetration of the Oil&Gas and Mining Industries across Asia Pacific, establishing EY's business development team in WA and SA and starting a charter boat business in WA in the 2000s and a successful return to IT in the late 00s with SAP, IBM and now Oracle.

Process Industries - Oil&Gas, Mining and Utilities - enterprise and operational systems. Particular interest in Integrated Operations, the integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) and the associated Operational and Enterprise Reporting Systems in the Oil&Gas and Mining sectors to increase production, reduce operational costs, reduce Non Productive Time, and better manage risks on a realtime, collaborative basis.

Oracle Corporation
Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems, with more than 370,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. Oracle's product strategy provides flexibility and choice to our customers across their IT infrastructure. Now, with Sun server, storage, operating-system, and virtualization technology, Oracle is the only vendor able to offer a complete technology stack in which every layer is integrated to work together as a single system. In addition, Oracle's open architecture and multiple operating-system options gives our customers unmatched benefits from industry-leading products, including excellent system availability, scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership.

Douwe Franssens - General manager - IDS

Daily Operations Reporting Systems – An under utilized source of readily accessible knowledge

Douwe, formerly of Halliburton-Landmark, joined IDS in April 2009 and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With 8 years in the Dredging industry, working globally and then 17 years in the Oil & Gas industry (first with Sperry, now Halliburton) and deployments to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Houston and Canada in a variety of technical and managerial positions, Douwe brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise to his new position. Douwe will focus on the Northern Hemisphere (essentially Calgary and Aberdeen) to mentor staff, drive growth and build on existing IDS reputation for service and support.

Established in 1995 in Adelaide, Australia, IDS is the world's largest provider of web-based reporting services to the upstream oil and gas industry.

In February 1996, IDS commenced a contract for the 'Drilling Data Package' with our first major client, Santos Ltd of Adelaide. Still a client to this day, Santos Ltd has used our products on every Australian and international drilling campaign since then, amounting to over 2000 onshore and offshore wells over the last eleven years.

In the same period, IDS has expanded from 2 to more than 60 full time personnel, has worked for over 100 operators in 35 countries and has opened offices in Calgary, Aberdeen, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Jakarta.

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Panel Discussion
This is part of our agenda where Finding Petroleum has a panel discussion.
13:00 Lunch and close

Sponsors of this event

Energistics is a not for profit organisation to help facilitate information sharing and business process integration in the oil and gas industry. It has 97 members, including all of the oil majors and major oil service companies. It is also manages the WITSML and PRODML data exchange standards for drilling and production, and provides a neutral forum for collaborative learning and sharing.

South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)
SEAPEX, or the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society is a non-profit organization that was established in 1973. A voluntary organization SEAPEX has developed itself to have over 1,600 active members worldwide.

Petrolink International
Petrolink is the largest independent and neutral service company to collect, aggregate, deliver, store, and visualise wellsite real-time and static data.By using industry standards (WITSML) and the adaptability to customise workflows to the operator's business needs, Petrolink improves operational efficiency and decision making, while reducing costs.

Exhibition Stands

Petrolink International
Petrolink is the largest independent and neutral service company to collect, aggregate, deliver, store, and visualise wellsite real-time and static data.By using industry standards (WITSML) and the adaptability to customise workflows to the operator's business needs, Petrolink improves operational efficiency and decision making, while reducing costs.

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