Beyond Macondo


Tuesday, May 17, 2011, London, The Geological Society

How the oil industry might change beyond Macondo - the latest industry thinking about why Macondo happened, where we can expect to go to from here - new regulation, new hardware and software, new methods for well control - with BP's former worldwide director of drilling

In mid-March one of the more important, definitive, reports on the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo tragedy appeared, based on work done by DNV. Unfortunately it was somewhat lost under the 'noise' generated by the UK Budget's impact on the North Sea oil & gas industry.

Put simply, the DNV report stated that the Deepwater Horizon's BOP had in fact activated - in contrast to earlier reports - but had failed to shear the drill pipe possibly because the blowout preventer's design meant that a piece of drill pipe trapped in the well pipe under the rig kept the BOP from successfully cutting and pinching off the well after the explosion.

Thus it may be necessary to consider not simply the performance of individual technologies but also the interaction between these technologies in what is then a somewhat Complex System.

This raises a number of questions. For example: can such systems be understood; whose role is it to assert that the whole system will function correctly; can any one individual respond quickly enough if something goes wrong; can more intensive simulator-based training help; can better rig-to-onshore communciations help; if the worst happens, do we have rapid containment facilities; what new rules might we see put in place by regulatory authorities?

We have assembled an excellent group of presenters to help us understand the answers to these questions and we look forward to a stimulating Forum!


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David Bamford - Director - Finding Petroleum

Welcome & Introduction

David Bamford is well known around the oil & gas industry both as an explorer and a geophysicist. He holds a Physics degree from the University of Bristol and a Ph.D in Geological Sciences from the University of Birmingham.

Since 2004, he has been a non-executive director at Tullow Oil plc, being recruited for this position especially for his exploration knowledge. He serves on the Nominations and Remuneration Committees, and was chairman of the latter, and Senior Independent Director, for 3 years prior to his retire from the board at the end of April 2014.

He was on the board of Premier Oil from May 2014 to May 2016.

He retired from BP plc in 2003, his last four positions being Chief Geophysicist (1990-1995), Business Unit Leader (General Manager) for first West Africa and then Norway (1995-1999), and finally Head of Exploration until 2003.

He has served on the boards of Paras Ltd, a small exploration and IS/IT consulting company in which he held 22% equity, until its sale to RPS Energy in 2008 and Welltec a/s, a Danish well engineering company, as the nominee of the private equity investor Riverside.

From 2012 to 201 he was on the board of ASX-quoted Australia Oriental Energy as a non-executive director.

He was a founder of Richmond Energy Partners, a small oil & gas research house, and several media companies that focus on the oil & gas sector, and has served as an advisor to Alliance Bernstein, Opus Executive, the Parkmead Group plc, and Kimmeridge Energy LLP. Since retiring from BP, he has undertaken asset and company valuation projects for investment banks, hedge funds and small oil companies.

Finding Petroleum
Finding Petroleum was established to help the oil and gas industry network, and stay up to date on the latest technological developments. It does this via hosting regular events and with an online social network of nearly 10,000 members.

Steve Horton - CEO - NewDevCo Limited

Macondo - What Happened?

Steve Horton has 34 years experience working in the energy industry around the world, including 27 years with BP plc where he held several executive roles including worldwide Director of Drilling. He co-founded Silverstone Energy Limited in 2005, a North Sea focused exploration and production company, which grew from start-up through operated exploration and development to production within four years. He is also a non-executive director of Leni Gas & Oil.

NewDevCo Limited
Newdevco Investments and Securities Company Limited operates as a stock broking and investment counseling company in Nigeria. Its products include a regular account, a managed account, and a nominee account.

Humphrey Douglas - Associate Partner, Energy Group - Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert LLP

Macondo: likely impact on UK and European regulation and contracting

Humphey Douglas is an Associate Partner in the Energy Group at international law firm Barlow, Lyde & Gilbert LLP. Humphrey previously acted as European General Counsel for Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC ("TAQA") and has advised clients from upstream majors and national oil companies, to mid and downstream developers on a range of cross-boarder corporate, commercial and corporate finance oil and gas transactions and projects.

Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert LLP
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert LLP is a leading international law firm. Especially renowned for our commercial litigation and dispute resolution, as well as insurance and reinsurance, we provide an extensive range of legal services to clients from many different industries across the world.

Ian Moore - - Capgemini

The Contribution of Digital Technology

Having worked for over 15 years in senior HR positions of UK and global organisations such as IBM, Capgemini and AT&T, Ian has substantial operational experience in all areas of HR. Ian also has extensive experience in outsourcing and change management programmes, across many different industry sectors including Financial Services, IT and Telecommunications.
Away from work, Ian enjoys watching rugby (especially Wales!) and can often be found out in the Solent.

With over 90,000 employees, Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and local professional services.

Headquartered in Paris, Capgemini's regional operations include North America, Northern Europe & Asia Pacific and Central & Southern Europe.
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Helio Santos - president - Safekick

Taking Well Control to a Whole New Level

Talk Description.
A new software platform is being introduced to help the rig crew deal with well control events.

It has powerful simulations as well as a very intuitive display, allowing the rig crew to very quickly assess options for dealing with the well control event situation. Simple calculations are displayed to minimize the risk of human errors, and operational procedures are suggested based on rig conditions, pressures and volumes.

The software also allows experts located remotely to be brought into the scene to help evaluate, discuss and propose the best way to move forward.

The main goal is to prevent the problem from escalating, by applying the right measures from the very beginning stages of a well control event, the shut in procedure
Helio Santos is President of Safekick Limited. In his 28 years in the industry Mr Santos worked as a Drilling Engineer for Petrobras both onshore and offshore and led several projects in the Research and Development Center. He also has been with Impact Engineering Solutions as Vice-President of Technology, President of Impact Solutions Group, and President of Secure Drilling, which was acquired by Weatherford. Mr Santos earned BS and MS degrees in civil engineering from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and a PhD degree in geological engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He has authored several SPE papers, holds two patents, and has served on SPE conference and Advanced Technology Workshops committees and serves on the JPT Editorial Committee.

SafeKick is a streamlined, collaborative organization founded in late 2009 by a small group of already successful industry professionals seeking to provide solutions, rather than services, to our industry.

SafeKick started by trying to identify weaknesses, or gaps in existing products and practices, particularly those relating to critical downhole relationships during drilling operations.

Gaps were identified in three key areas:

Drilling personnel competency, particularly the ability to "think downhole" in an era of data overload.
Measurement and control of well parameters, particularly relating to mud properties, flow conditions and wellbore pressures.
Ability to visualize and understand current conditions through valuable information rather than raw data as needed for effective collaboration, with a notable lack of a common platform to convey the same information to individuals and companies, both local and remote.
None of these "gaps" are new, but our solutions are, involving products that use optimal combinations of software, hardware and web-based solutions.

Active participation at industry events, conferences and work groups, as well as frequent contact with potential end-users ensures continuing awareness of industry trends and needs.

John Dobson - Consultant - RPS Energy

Risk management - panacea or snake oil?

Talk Description.
Brief Introduction to the Use of Risk Management to mitigate the impact of Major Accident Hazards such as Macondo

Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the approach

Illustration of how Bow Ties can be used to enhance the effectiveness of Risk Management

RPS Energy
RPS Energy provides a range of technical, commercial and project management support services to the international energy industry, covering geoscience, engineering and HS&E, with offices around the world.
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RPS Energy
RPS Energy provides a range of technical, commercial and project management support services to the international energy industry, covering geoscience, engineering and HS&E, with offices around the world.

Oracle Corporation
Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems, with more than 370,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. Oracle's product strategy provides flexibility and choice to our customers across their IT infrastructure. Now, with Sun server, storage, operating-system, and virtualization technology, Oracle is the only vendor able to offer a complete technology stack in which every layer is integrated to work together as a single system. In addition, Oracle's open architecture and multiple operating-system options gives our customers unmatched benefits from industry-leading products, including excellent system availability, scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership.

Proneta is an independent consulting engineering company, based in the UK and operating worldwide.

Our expertise spans both aerospace and oil& gas - a powerful combination.

We are leading providers of reliability risk analysis expertise, using a number of different methods, including -

Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) - which can be the basis of a Quantitative Risk Assessment

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) - incorporating Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) or Event Tree Analysis

We advise on formulating and focusing test programmes, based on the results of reliability analysis.

We also advise on requirement specifications to ensure thorough coverage of important reliability aspects.

RPS Energy
RPS Energy provides a range of technical, commercial and project management support services to the international energy industry, covering geoscience, engineering and HS&E, with offices around the world.

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RPS Energy
RPS Energy provides a range of technical, commercial and project management support services to the international energy industry, covering geoscience, engineering and HS&E, with offices around the world.

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