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Advances in Seismic Technology

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Cable-less seismic recorders, what does it really take to communicate?

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Bob Heath

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Talk Description
The realities of wireless seismic!

It has been said that cableless seismic recorders come in two varieties: those that attempt some form of communication and those that wish they could - the latter usually being referred to as “shoot blind”. This may be unfair to those crews which have not yet suffered from using systems which lack a wireless communication capability. But given the growing market in supplying some operators of “blind” hardware with add-on equipment to give radio sight to their system perhaps this cynical definition is not entirely without some hidden truth.

Instruments which were designed not to shoot blind should not get off lightly either. They are all required to use low power 2.40 – 2.48 GHz radio to communicate. Yet this is the frequency of microwave ovens, chosen due to how easily it is absorbed. So can such recorders really work as well as advertised or can they just take on the simple environments?

Now that both types of cableless system have been around for some years, is it time to review the physics and engineering, report on some field tests and see what really works?

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