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New Geophysical Approaches

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Curvature blindness, “fabric” and free air data speaks for itself

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Andrew Long
Subterrane Ltd

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Talk Description
Potential fields data is easy to come by these days. However it is often mis-used to support pre-conceived ideas to progress conceptual geological models. This devalues the incentive of potential fields use.

Satellite free air gravity data correlates with topo-bathymetric relief, and not with geology, nor shallow crustal density variation. Free air gravity must be correctly processed to yield useful residualized products for interpretation. When this is achieved, only then can the gravity data objectively speak for itself.

Gravity data on its own has ambiguity. Traditionally gravity data is interpreted with reference to the magnetic record, this is something that should not change in order to enhance the objective use of potential fields data.

The user of such data can then enjoy identifying real structural geology and avoid a description of fabric, and the parameterization of geology. This will be demonstrated using an excellent case example.

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