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Carbon capture and storage

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Public acceptance - the first challenge to meet in CCS

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John Simmons
RPS Energy

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Talk Description
It is often said that to every problem there is at least one elegant solution and CCS appears to be a most elegant solution to part of the anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 problem. That was certainly the view of many geoscientists in the early days of this technofix. The public however are not convinced. Many of that community have been surprised and disappointed that the public has in general not shared their enthusiasm for what appears to be a rationale and, more importantly, a potentially achievable goal. This presentation examines the interface between science and the public, a public that has already stopped a number of CCS schemes and suggests that lessons learned from other industries can be applied to raise the chances of CCS schemes becoming reality.
(A talk compiled with help from Ben Hedley of Durham University)

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