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Finding opportunities in the Middle East and the Levant

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

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The Middle East - how do western companies prosper there?

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Petromall - Panel Discussion
PetroMall Ltd

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Talk Description
Earlier presentations have reminded us that the Middle East is the epicentre of world oil (and gas), that the geology is rich and prolific, and that there is political upheaval and worrying security risk.
Can or should any western company try to go there for the first time, and can they hope to prosper?
We will consider these questions via 3 x 10-15 minute presentations from:

Javad Ardalan (Director, Oxford Persian Institute) on Iran
Suha Najjar (Consultant, Akkadia Partners LLP) on Iraq
Anthony Franks (Partner, Mars Omega LLP) on Oman

followed by a 20-30 minute audience Q&A, led by the chaiman.

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