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Exploiting deep water fields

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Why are there still major incidents in the E&P industry?

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Greg Coleman
PetroMall Ltd

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Talk Description
A major incident, whether it is a reserve write-down, a blowout, a security incident, a significant cost over-run or a delayed start-up are all too frequent occurrences in the E&P industry. Are you going to allow your professional reputation to be destroyed due to one of these risks materialising on your watch?

PetroMall’s mission is to put science and engineering back into our risk management processes. Box ticking and reporting may achieve something but do not always mitigate the risks we are supposed to manage. Properly understanding these risks is key to the management process. PetroMall is a social business platform which brings together world class expertise and E&P professionals so they can work together under the oversight of an experienced subject matter expert in real time to understand and address risks.

The event examines risk management in the E&P and other industries, and demonstrates what can be achieved using PetroMall.

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