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International exploration for Unconventionals

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Video Presentation

Ranking European Shale Opportunities
David Bamford
PetroMall Ltd

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Talk Description
Our US colleagues have shown us how to assess and develop shale resources - their knowledge and skills improve all the time but there is nothing we do not know how to do.

Can we look at potential European opportunities and figure out which might be the best?

There are some fundamental questions in considering any opportunity: what is the quality of the target shale itself; has it 'hosted' a significant, producing, petroleum province; what is it's 'fraccibility'; is there a sufficient data base to enable economic 'sweet spots' to be found; is there a vigorous oil field services sector capable of doing the work; is there strong, local, societal opposition to any developments; is there strong political backing for the enterprise?

We can use the answers to these questions to assess and later to rank any shale opportunity that comes in front of us, and I have attempted this for a number of European opportunities - Bowland Shale, onshore northern UK; Kimmeridge Clay, onshore southern UK; Kimmeridge Clay, North Sea; Posidonia Shale, onshore Northern Germany; Bazhenov Shale, West Siberia; and others.

The conclusions are, I think, surprising, and do not at all correspond to the media coverage of these opportunities!

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