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Understanding Fractured Reservoirs & Rocks

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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The interaction of reservoir engineering & geomechanics

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Brian Smart
PetroMall Ltd

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Talk Description
The interaction between the two disciplines over as petroleum engineering geomechanics has evolved over the last 40 years was probably governed initially by scepticism on the part of the reservoir engineer that geomechanics had little to offer. And that in any case the advantages offered were costly to implement and often long term in delivery. (Drilling engineers were quicker to fully embrace geomechanics)

The presentation recounts early experience and argues that a comprehensive conceptual model of the stress-sensitive features of a reservoir, based on observations and measurements, can at least create a platform for cross-discipline discussion. Developments in methods for data generation and the modelling of the conceptual model have also lead to more comprehensive, affordable solutions.
As is often the case, it is the extreme examples of a phenomenon that are recognised first, e.g. the subsidence and well-loss in Ekofisk being a classic example. It is argued that compaction-driven and other phenomena are pervasive, and may, for example, manifest themselves in important ways as reservoirs undergo maximum pressure-depletion as decommissioning approaches. And of course the increasing importance of fractured reservoirs with their inherent stress-sensitivity has heightened interest in reservoir geomechanics.

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