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Business opportunities with unconventionals

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Investigating the Barnett Shale : A Case Study on how Integrated Technology can help improve your Understanding of an Unconventional Reservoir.

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Sandra Allwork

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Talk Description
The key to success in the Barnett Shale is the ability to identify zones of brittle shale that would be suitable for hydraulic fracture stimulation. As with any tight gas field, considerable care must be taken over the position of the well in relation to existing fractures. We will utilize log data to estimate brittleness, kerogen content and closure stress, seismic interpretation and facies classification of these shales then provides information on the extent and thickness of these prospective zones and (for environmental considerations) micro-seismic gives us the ability to effectively monitor fracture development. By integrating Petrophysics, Visualisation and Micro-Seismic Analysis you are able to incorporate all available data to ensure the most accurate understanding of your reservoir.

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