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Russia & the FSU

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Video Presentation

New Eyes' Panel Discussion - which companies are "winning" in Russia & the FSU, and how's it done? Click on '+' for details.
Panel Discussion

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Talk Description
This discussion will feature short (8-10 minute) presentations from our panellists, who will include:
Alliance Bernstein (Iain Pyle, Research Analyst)
Tethys Petroleum (Rosemary Johnson Sabine, VP Exploration)
Centre for Global Energy Studies (Julian Lee)

followed by a Q&A session, lead by our chairman but relying on audience participation!

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Exploration in the Former CIS: Seismic Acquisition Challenges
by Chris Einchcomb from Integra

"The presentation by PGS, TGS & Spectrum were very interesting. Having visited Madagascar several times, I was particularly interested in the TGS data."

John Glass, Cloverfield Consulting Ltd


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