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Understanding offshore operations with digital technology

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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Case study: supporting maintenance decision making on blow out preventers, top drives and draw works

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Julian Zec
National Oilwell Varco

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Talk Description
- adopting a broader understanding of data, learning how to handle information,
- defining, using and integrating data and information into processes
- rebuilding company culture
- developing new shared and collaborative supplier-customer ecosystems
- redefining ways products and services are delivered
- aligning IT strategy, analytics strategy and field services strategy, given their different attributes, competence structures, dependencies and dynamics, which proved a huge obstacle for getting beyond the pilot / prototype stage. There were a large number of actors and much work involved getting strategies synchornised and bridged

- The importance of data quality management, understanding its attributes and structure
- Better ways to develop analytics and ensure quality and integrity
- How to define a relationship between information and the value that information provides

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