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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Video Presentation

Geodynamics and Petroleum Geology of the Circum-Arctic
Stanislaw Mazur

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Talk Description
In this presentation we demonstrate a comprehensive data set that integrates the diverse fields of potential fields interpretation, structural mapping, plate tectonic modelling, chronostratigraphy, palaeogeography, geochemistry and petroleum systems analysis to help focus new ventures exploration targets and ultimately reduce risk. Results are summarised for all of the principal basins around the Circum Arctic margins showing how the various elements of the proven and potential petroleum systems within these basins are recognised. Moreover their temporal and spatial distribution, interactions and controlling mechanisms are determined and assessed using a tectonostratigraphic framework, presented against the background of a new, rigorously tested and researched plate tectonic model.

We show how a number of geological problems are tackled with innovative methods and observations with significant impact on the hydrocarbon potential of the region are presented. These include: new insights into regional sediment and crustal thickness from geophysical data modelling; a solution to the Sverdrup Basin – Hanna Trough connection puzzle; and the evolution of the Laptev Sea continental rifts.

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