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Investing in Deepwater Fields

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Video Presentation

Deepwater Seismic Nodes - Where Are We Now?
Chris Walker
Fairfield Nodal

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Talk Description
The viability of deep-water autonomous 4C marine ocean bottom nodes OBN has been robustly established as the seismic solution of choice for obtaining high quality full azimuth images for producing fields in areas with complex overburdens (Smit et al, SEG 2008, Chou et al, SEG, 2010). Since its first use for the baseline 4D survey for the Atlantis field in the GoM in 1995/6 more than 35 surveys have been acquired in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and West Africa. Impressive 4D results – 6% NRMS – have been reported by Shell (Stopin et al, EAGE, 2011) and recently the technology has been used to monitor the performance of water injection wells, an application which may well have widespread further demand.

New clock technology has improved the operating lifetime of the nodes and this, coupled with the ability to control the nodes remotely, can provide a semi-permanent reservoir surveillance capability that is inherently more flexible and has lower costs than cable based permanent seismic reservoir monitoring systems.

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