Non-seismic Geophysical Technologies and Non-Conventional Seismic

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Prediction of well results by using CSEM data
Daniel Baltar

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Talk Description
Oil companies constantly seek to improve the exploration well performance by obtaining a more reliable prediction on prospect risk and volume.

It is well documented that there often is a large mismatch between the predicted resource volume and the actual outcome. EMGS’ Exploration Solution, which integrates CSEM data into the exploration evaluation workflow, improves the prediction performance. Seismic data provides good structural and geometrical control.

Therefore, we often see accurate evaluations on reservoir and trap chance factors. However, the charge and seal properties, which directly links to the presence of hydrocarbons in the reservoir, often has a large uncertainty if using seismic data only. Recoverable volume estimations are hardly ever correct, especially due to the high uncertainty related to the net reservoir area and thickness.

CSEM data provides a resistivity image of the subsurface, where resistivity is sensitive to the reservoir hydrocarbon saturation. Integrating CSEM data will therefore improve the risk assessment on charge and seal, and limit the recoverable volume distribution uncertainty due to its natural sensitivity to net pay area and thickness.

We will here demonstrate such results by comparing our pre-drill predictions and post well evaluations of wells drilled during 2017.

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