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Optimising supply chains

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Cat Logistics experience managing 650,000 SKUs of spare parts worldwide

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Morris R. Iversen
Caterpillar Logistics Services

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Talk Description
Cat Logistics' service, developed to manage 650,000 SKUs of spare parts for Caterpillar equipment customers, is now being made available to the oil and gas industry for managing spare parts from other companies.

Caterpillar equipment is usually in use for many years, similar to oil and gas equipment.

Cat Logistics is offering the same service to the oil and gas industry, to manage supply chains for other companies' parts and equipment.

Cat Logistics also developed an inventory simulation tool for use on multi-echelon (multi-dimensional) supply chains, which is being made available to the oil and gas industry

Why inventory management is the key to future growth.

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