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Performance Excellence

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

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Operational Excellence Delivery: The projects and mature asset challenge

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Peter Parry
Bain & Co

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Talk Description
Operational and performance excellence has belatedly risen to the top of IOC agendas. The increase in capital spending to sustain production and mature asset performance below expectation have combined to squeeze performance to levels where both management teams and shareholders are concerned enough to move into action.

Changing performance brings two new concepts to life, 'affordability' for projects and 'predictability' for production assets.

What does or will operational excellence look like?
What analysis and intervention is appropriate?
What actions are yielding success?

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Chairman's introduction
by Hamish Wilson from SLR

"There was a particularly good mix of attendees and the discussions (during the breaks) were good."

Ritchie Wayland, JKX Oil & Gas plc


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