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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Video Presentation

Croatia - Oil province in the centre of Europe
Neil Hodgson

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Talk Description
As an exploration arena, the Croatian Adriatic offers a number of significant attractions. Firstly there is the proven hydrocarbon system, that looks more prospective than its Italian counterpart but much less explored. The basin is predominantly in shallow water, and there is sophisticated production experience and infrastructure in-country, and it is located in Europe, with a stable government, good economic terms, supportive energy authorities, close to hydrocarbon markets.

The opening of the Croatian offshore Licensing round on 2nd April 2014 ushered in a new area for exploration in the Adriatic, where early discoveries of over twenty dry gas fields in the Northern Adriatic were followed by the discovery of several oil fields in the south, yet to-date, these have been only in Italian waters. Previous attempts to identify carbonate margin oil plays in Croatian waters were significantly hampered by the lack of seismic of high enough quality to map Cretaceous carbonate facies and Triassic source rocks. New long streamer 2D seismic acquired in 2013 offshore Croatia is set to change the industry’s ability to address these issues, resolve the extensional, halokinetic and compressional tectonics in the basin and map reservoir facies, model trap filling history and reveal a suite of plays not previously imaged. These data bring a new light to the basin, heralding the dawn of a bright new day for Croatian exploration.

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