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Exploring internationally for unconventional oil and gas

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Global Unconventional Resources: Some Examples from the IHS Unconventional Resources Database

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Matthew Turner

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Talk Description
Unconventional hydrocarbon exploration and production has been a topic of growing interest in recent years. Shale gas extraction in the United States (US) has pushed gas prices down from $8 per MCF to below $3 per MCF. This has been followed by a tight oil revolution, reducing the US dependency on oil and gas imports. With such apparent rewards it isn’t surprising that many other countries are looking into their own geology to see whether they have the ability to replicate this modern gold rush. In 2010, an IHS CERA multi-client study – Breaking with Convention – estimated that Europe could have up to 6,115 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of unconventional gas-in-place.

The United Kingdom is underlain by a large variety of hydrocarbon bearing rocks. To date only the conventional type reservoirs such as porous sandstones and limestones have been exploited. It has been known since 1875 that shale gas was present within the UK but it is only since 2006 that companies have actively been pursuing shale as a potential commercial hydrocarbon bearing rock. These unconventional horizons include tight sands, shales and coal. A number of other countries are also exploring their unconventional hydrocarbon potential and it is anticipated thatthis resource may see a new boom in the oil and gas industry and potentially change the global geopolitical landscape.

At IHS there is a bespoke team of geoscientists developing a global unconventional resources play database. The intention is to build a comprehensive and dynamic database which will allow a rapid and systematic analogue study across the globe.

This talk introduces some of the background to IHS efforts and then introduces a series of casestudies highlighting some of the basins already mapped.

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