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Oil in North West Europe

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Video Presentation

Trends and outlook for Northwest Europe offshore exploration licensing, drilling and farm-out activity
Anders Wittemann

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Talk Description
The presentation will include statistics on past and future activity, results and trends related to licensing, exploration, and M&A activity in the Offshore Northwest Europe region, i.e., North Sea, North Atlantic, primarily UK, Ireland, and Norway.

Specifically, the presentation will include statistics and future trends on the following:
- Past exploration activity and results, e.g., number of exploration wells drilled, key results from recent years, by vintage of license round, farm-in activity by number and outcome (what has been the outcome from farm-outs in the past). Comparisons will be made between UK and Norway
- Outlook of future activity
- Statistics on future licenses and wells to be drilled, by location/basin, license vintage, company type
- Statistics on pre-drill prospect sizes with comparisons e.g., between UK and Norway
- Indications of future hot spots, where will the next big discoveries be made, and why?
- How exploration results will contribute to future production in the region, specifically UK, Ireland and Norway
- Other industry trends and drivers observed and assessed, including key success factors for exploration

How is this useful to the audience:
- Understand trends to ensure own portfolio and strategy is in alignment
- Gain knowledge of benchmarks to calibrate own business planning, e.g., what to expect in terms of future activity and results
- Identify specific areas and types opportunities to be pursued or get inspired by

Sources of information to be utilized includes: 1Derrick/WEPC’ proprietary Northwest Europe Business Development Book, Derrick Petroleum Services’ Global M&A Database and supplementary research conducted by 1Derrick/WEPC.

See links to research published by 1Derrick/WEPC

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