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New ideas in Improved Recovery and EOR

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Observing reservoir dynamics and changing reservoir management

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Kes Heffer
PetroMall Ltd

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Talk Description
This talk proposes that conventional reservoir simulation is deficient in the physics of reservoir behaviour, lacking a geomechanical component that is important to hydrocarbon recovery and general reservoir management. 3 completely independent types of field observations from reservoirs are all consistent with a geomechanical component:
1) compliant microcracks (or anisotropic pore openings) aligned with Shmax at densities close to 'critical' have been inferred from observations of shear-wave splitting in many formations of different types (the work of Stuart Crampin et al).
2) statistical correlations in flowrate fluctuations between wells are characterised by high correlations over very large separation distances between wells, and appear to be stress-related and fault-related.
3) frequencies of fluid directionalities between wells in flooding schemes are strongly biassed towards the major horizontal principal stress axes (Shmax).
A generic geomechanical-flow model that pulls together these reservoir engineering and geophysical observations is described. The anisotropies and heterogeneities of flow that are caused by these geomechanical influences can have major effect on the sweep efficiencies of secondary recovery or EOR flooding schemes; conversely, understanding them in advance can allow more cost effective well configurations or better reservoir management, even for primary recovery operations. The flowrate correlation techniques, with no acquisition costs, lend themselves favourably to providing flow-based information about interwell reservoir properties towards history-matching of reservoir simulators; or for monitoring reservoir behaviour in time-lapse fashion, either alone or as a complement to 4D or micro-seismic surveys.

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