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Drilling and the digital oilfield

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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A Case Study on Using WITSML to Bring Geological Information to Your Desktop

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Samit Sengupta

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Talk Description
Geological information gathered from the drill cuttings samples of a well provides us with an insight of its subsurface strata with a high degree of certainty that sensor measurements simply cannot.

Yet, whereas sensor measurements are nearly instantaneous and can be acquired at the press of a button, geological information relies on human observations and judgments that are only available after the drill cuttings have been retrieved at surface.

Traditionally, the general practice in the industry has been to view morning reports/lithlogs to validate formation tops and other key characteristics of the well being drilled.

Today, in a fast paced drilling operation, geological data finds its use in a variety of real-time workflows such as geo-steering, pore-pressure monitoring, formation evaluation and so on.

We explore the use of WITSML standards to provide geological data and information for automated use by some of these workflows.

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