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Petroleum Geology of East Africa

One day training course
conducted by Duncan Macgregor

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
The Geological Society

The course reviews the key regional controls on petroleum systems and prospectivity across East Africa, assessing both the recent discoveries and the numerous frontier basins in the region. It emphasises the impact of the tectonic history of this most active part of the African plate on the generation and preservation of petroleum, thus illustrating key regional variations in prospectivity across basins of different age and burial/uplift history. Discussions are centred on palaeogeographic maps, chronostrat diagrams and play cross-sections across the region, all of which are provided in digital form, while learnings are reinforced by short exercises.

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Dr Duncan Macgregor is a well know author and presenter on regional African petroleum geology. He has worked in numerous consultancy and employment roles on African exploration for over 20 years for a number of major and independent companies, building up a unrivalled knowledge on basins across the continent. He has published over 20 papers and has been the Technical Director of the PESGB Africa Conference for the last 10 years. He currently runs his own consultancy specialising in African advice and training in addition to advisory roles in Surestream Petroleum and Neftex Petroleum Consultants.



9:00 Arrivals and Registration - tea / coffee
9:30 Palaeogeographic, palaeoclimatic and tectonic evolution of East Africa

  • Plate tectonics and interior uplifts
  • Rifting through time
  • Palaeogeographic evolution
  • Palaeoclimatic evolution
  • Sediment supply

11:00 Petroleum Systems

  • Major source rocks
  • Burial history and maturity
  • Timing and phase concerns

11:30 Exercise : Analysing Rift Development and Erosional History of the South Anza Graben, Kenya

  • Analyse AFTA, Vitrinite reflectance data and tectonic history
  • Determining timing of generation
  • Analyse sediment supply to adjoining passive margin

12:00 Exploration History

  • Early failures
  • Recent reserves boom
  • Future outlook

12:30 Lunch and refreshments
13:30 Karroo Rifts

  • Regional models
  • Critical Exploration Factors
  • Case studies – Zambia, Ethiopia
  • Other basins

14:00 Cretaceous and Early Palaeogene Rifts

  • Regional models
  • Critical Exploration Factors
  • Case study – Sudan
  • Other basins

15:00 East African Continental Margin

  • Regional models
  • Critical Exploration Factors
  • Case study – Rovuma Basin
  • Other basins – Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar

16:00 Exercise : Predicting Plays in the Lamu Basin, Kenya

  • Complete chronostrat chart and play cross-section
  • Consider sediment supply from morning exercise
  • Predict phase and play types

16:30 Oligocene and Neogene Rifts

  • Regional models
  • Critical Exploration Factors
  • Case study – Uganda
  • Other basins- Eastern Branch of East African Rift
  • Other basins- Western Branch of East African Rift

17:00 Training Finish


To purchase multiple places, please phone our office on +44 207 993 5991

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