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dGB and Geoinfo log analysis plug-in to OpendTect open source seismic system

Thursday, November 3, 2011

dGB Earth Sciences of the Netherlands, and Geoinfo SRL of Argentina, have together launched a plug-in for log analysis, for the 'OpendTect' open source seismic interpretation system, originally developed by dGB Earth Sciences.

The plug-in is called 'Computer Log Analysis Software' (CLAS).

CLAS can be used to better tie well data with seismic data, so make better models and better 3D seismic interpretation.

dGB Earth Sciences specializes in providing open source seismic interpretation software.

By using CLAS, well log petrophysics can be performed within OpendTect, rather than having to be imported.

Seismic interpreters can use CLAS to edit well logs and generate information about oil saturation, clay volume, porosity, lithology and fluid content of the reservoir. This means that net pay can be estimated from seismic attributes.

Acoustic logs can be generated from dGB's neural networks plug-in.

'This is a major step forward for OpendTect, enabling interpreters to combine seismic data with petrophysical data to provide an even more accurate characterization of the prospective reservoir,' says Kristofer Tingdahl, CEO of dGB Earth Sciences.

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