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Xodus Group appoints chief technology officer

Friday, February 24, 2012

Xodus Group of Aberdeen, a company specialising in integrating surface and subsurface services, has appointed Stephane Constant as chief technology officer.

Mr Constant was appointed non executive director of Xodus in 2011.

He was previously co-founder and technical director of subsurface consultancy Horizon Energy Partners, which was sold to SGS in 2008, with 100 employees at the time of the sale. He was also previously a reservoir engineer with ELF (now Total), senior reservoir engineer for AGIP in Aberdeen, and lead reservoir engineer for Premier Oil in Singapore.

'Stephane is an expert in the world of subsurface and it has been a goal for us that Xodus would be the first to offer a truly integrated sub plus surface capability," says Colin Manson, CEO of Xodus Group.

"We are bringing these disciplines together because we can see the advantages for clients in delivering both technical solutions and efficiencies.'

Xodus says it recently secured over £4m of contracts to help manage oilfields in West Africa, with services including production optimisation, and developing appraisal and development plans. It covers both onshore and offshore.

"I will be supporting the development and integration of the wells and subsurface teams and will be working to create maximum value for our clients through our integration," Mr Constant says.

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