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The best place to find petroleum...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

As global exploration gets more difficult, there is a major prize to be gained by increasing flow rates and improving recovery factors in existing fields. In any petroleum province which is very mature in exploration terms, such as the North Sea, it would be better for companies to stop 'wildcat' exploring and focus on enhancing production in and around existing oil & gas fields.

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The role of the Smart Digital Asset in optimizing offshore operations efficiency, safety and predictability
by Adrian Park from Hexagon (formerly Intergraph)

"Presentation by Andrew Long, and the final two presentations by Dave Bamford and Robert Heath."

Mike Rego (PetroMall Ltd)


Finding Oil and Gas in South Africa
where the opportunities may exist - and methods to approach the 'local content' requirements.
London, 24 May 2019