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'Integrated Operations' conference held in Trondheim - videos available

Friday, September 28, 2012

The annual 'Integrated Operations' conference was held this week (Sept 25-26) in Trondheim, Norway, looking at new approaches to helping oil and gas companies improve safety, production and recovery.

Interesting themes (from your editor's point of view) included ensuring facilities are flexible for unknown future operations, the importance of taking an 'areal' view of the reservoir, mixing subsurface and surface, looking at the oil and gas operation in terms of 'capabilities', and the importance of standardising processes.

Highlights included:

A presentation from Peter Engbers, Smart Fields & Areal Reservoir Surveillance global Deployment Lead with Shell, on how to do ongoing 'areal' reservoir surveillance at manageable cost, including perhaps just monitoring waterflood;

Steve Roberts, VP of BP's field of the future flagship, giving a presentation about how technology is being standardised and 'embedded' at BP, which suggests that the main focus is now getting technology used and working, rather than developing new technology

A surprise visit by Rex Joseph Waldheim, a NASA astronaut who has flown 3 space shuttle missions

An evening musical performance by the outstanding 'Apes and Babes' band of Trondheim, with 8 unaccompanied singers taking music to places it has never been before

6 young professionals from Statoil pretending to be aliens.

Videos are available online at and the event will be reported in the November-December issue of Digital Energy Journal.

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