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FUSE launches web seismic data storage system

Monday, June 11, 2012

FUSE Information Management of the UK has launched an online seismic data storage system called XSeis.

It can be used for seismic data loading, storage, quality control, visualisation and publishing.

It is a solution 'for supplying geoscience projects with the freshest and highest quality data without the usual cost, drudgery, compromise and delay associated with traditional upstream data management', said Jamie Cruise, Technical Director, FUSE IM.

'Users will love it because they are able to find data easily, explore their datasets in a highly visual environment from the device of their choice and, most importantly, start extracting value from that data almost instantly.

"Managers will love it because they can introduce newly acquired, high value and high cost datasets to the business in a managed way, at a relatively low cost.'

Users can download seismic data from XSeis directly into their software.

They can download data into Schlumberger's Petrel, using the plug-in "XSeis for Petrel".

A plugin to download data into Landmark's DecisionSpace software is being developed.

Data adaptors are available for OpenSpirit, Teradata EDW and Westheimer's ISDS. Adaptors for OpenWorks R5000, ArcGIS Server and PPDM are in development.

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