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Azzurra Cillari

Middlesex University


Regional Geologist with experience in New Ventures evaluation across offshore Africa, Europe Atlantic Margin, Central&Southern America and Mediterranean Sea. PhD in geology and strong knowledge of stratigraphy, paleogeography, seismic interpretation, basin analysis and Multi-Client business model. My strong academic background combines well with an outgoing personality and considerable maturity, providing me with both the skills and abilities to contribute positively to any organization, whilst developing additional work-based skills for my own future. In addition to my core geological competencies, I have good IT skills - in particular, use of graphical software - and excellent report writing, being both quick and incisive.
I have excellent, methodical organisation in projects, and coordination in group projects, due among other things to my flexibility and problem solving capability.
Specific experience includes the Atlantic Margin (North Western Africa, WOS, Brazil), Offshore Africa, Western Mediterranean Sea and Barents Sea.
Main topic: New Ventures, Stratigraphy, Regional Geology, Paleogeography, Basin reconstruction.


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