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Finding Petroleum event reports

We have been producing reports of all Finding Petroleum and Digital Energy Journal conferences from April 2015 onwards. To download our reports free of charge please click on the links below. 

Event report - Stavanger Nov 27 2018 "Understanding offshore operations with digital technology"   Jan 2019

How to develop a digital twin
Finding your digitalisation path
How digital twins can support decision
Monitoring equipment health with software
Documents in a real world ‘context’
With talks from Hexagon, Siemens, CGI,
NOV and IntOp View Magazine

Report from Solving E&P Problems with Digitalisation, Nov 18 2018   Dec 2018

Why this isn’t going as fast as expected
Bain - organisational and capability aspects
Using automated data clean-up techniques
Why oil and gas struggles at digitalisation
Implementing analytics as a system
Doing more with a data lake View Magazine

Petromall Insights - Expert Centric Software   Dec 2018

Modelling software around the needs of experts

Perhaps the oil and gas industry could achieve far more with digital technology if it could better model software around the
needs of experts. This issue of Petromall Insights looks at what the benefits could be, specific areas more expert-centric software
could help in oil and gas, why it isn’t happening, how it could be done, and how to move forward.
  • Why an expert centric approach to software development may provide more value than the usual business process centric approach
  • SafeKick - better support for real time drilling operations
  • Maana - Better ways to connect disparate pieces of data together
  • Eigen - better understanding safety barriers
  • Intelligent Plant - online tools to better understand how different pieces of equipment operate
  • Think Tank Maths - better algorithms to help experts steer drill bits
View Magazine

Report from Quantifying methane leaks and flares from gas wells and facilities, Nov 13, 2018   Nov 2018

How OGCI is helping manage methane
New business models to reduce emissions
Ways to monetise flare gas
Optical gas imaging to quantify emissions
Quantum sensors on drones for methane
Using lasers for methane
Measuring methane by satellite View Magazine

Report from "Finding Oil in Central & South America, Oct 30, 2018 "   Nov 2018

Overview of opportunities in South America, Mexico, Falklands
Premier Oil in Brazil
Opportunities in the Santos
Offshore Argentina and Uruguay
Why politics is key to understanding security View Magazine

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Make room for the surprising: Catering for serendipity when searching subsurface information
by Paul Cleverley from Robert Gordon University

"INOVA presentation."

Brian Donnelly (Consultant Geophysicist)


Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean
discoveries offshore Egypt, big interest in Cyprus and developments in Israel, Lebanon
London, 20 Sep 2019