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Finding Petroleum event reports

We have been producing reports of all Finding Petroleum and Digital Energy Journal conferences from April 2015 onwards. To download our reports free of charge please click on the links below. 

Finding Petroleum Opportunities In The Middle East   Jul 2017

  • Why fractured carbonate reservoirs are hard to understand
  • Modelling fluid flow in fractured carbonate fields
  • Where are the Middle East exploration opportunities? - by former head of exploration at BP
  • GGS-Interica’s seismic data offshore Iran
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Finding and exploiting resources in Europe - report from our Mar 8 2017 London forum   Jun 2017

  • Azinor Catalyst sees opportunitiesin the North Sea
  • Kimmeridge Energy’s plan for offshore “small pool” development with offshore fraccing
  • Doing more with offshore magnetics
  • Using reservoir understanding to make fraccing better
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Report from March 2017 Aberdeen " Improving production rates through new approaches to digital technology"   Apr 2017

  • An App Store with tools to improve production
  • Experiences as ‘embedded IT’ in an oil company production team
  • Helping a UKCS company organise its production data
  • Why the cloud is transformational
  • Developments with Energistics’ PRODML
  • Time to move on from spreadsheets
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New geophysical technologies - report from our March 9 2017 London forum   Apr 2017

  • “All the non-seismic methods work”
  • The Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators
  • Getting the sequence right with non-seismic methods
  • Adrok - using dielectric resonance to search for oil
  • Polarcus - surveys with more sources
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Finding East and Southern African Oil and Gas - report from our Feb 2017 London event   Apr 2017

  • Why oil might be onshore East Africa
  • Using satellite images to build structural maps
  • South Africa’s Outeniqua Basin
  • Hydrocarbons offshore Madagascar
  • Solo Oil in Tanzania
  • Plate modelling for East Africa
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The Aptian couplet -- an emerging exploration play across Southern Africa
by Phil Birch from Impact Oil and Gas Ltd

"I most enjoyed Patrick Coole's presentation and the findings using the seismic data over the open blocks in Cote d'Ivoire."


Non seismic geophysics technologies
....more to come!
London, 11 Oct 2017


Finding Oil in Central & South America
....needs to be on our radars!
London, 17 Oct 2017