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Finding Petroleum event reports

We have been producing reports of all Finding Petroleum and Digital Energy Journal conferences from April 2015 onwards. To download our reports free of charge please click on the links below. 

New geophysical technologies - report from our March 9 2017 London forum   Apr 2017

  • “All the non-seismic methods work”
  • The Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators
  • Getting the sequence right with non-seismic methods
  • Adrok - using dielectric resonance to search for oil
  • Polarcus - surveys with more sources
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Finding East and Southern African Oil and Gas - report from our Feb 2017 London event   Apr 2017

  • Why oil might be onshore East Africa
  • Using satellite images to build structural maps
  • South Africa’s Outeniqua Basin
  • Hydrocarbons offshore Madagascar
  • Solo Oil in Tanzania
  • Plate modelling for East Africa
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Event report - Stavanger Dec 1 2016 "Transforming offshore operations with digital technology"   Feb 2017

  • Using the visualisation capability of our brains
  • Improving production decision making
  • Oil majors which keep master engineering documents on the cloud
  • Maintenance more efficiently - with a more effective ‘control of work’ system
  • Managing your engineering data with a data management framework rather than software
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Event report "North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean"   Feb 2017

  • How Zohr changes the way geologists understand the region
  • A Zohr type discovery in Cyprus?
  • Potential in Israel
  • Independent Resources’ experience in Egypt
  • Lebanon’s upcoming license round
  • Egypt’s “West Mediterranean”
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Event report "Solving E&P problems with machine learning and analytics"   Jan 2017

  • Doing more with satellite data
  • Value from unstructured documents
  • A better document search system
  • How to be successful with analytics
  • Using simulation to make better license bids
  • Helping your company board make decision
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Carbonates in a foreland basin petroleum province: The Zagros margin of the Arabian Plate
by Andy Horbury from Cambridge Carbonates

"Hearing more detail on some new and potentially large ideas and plays. In particular Robert Trice on West Shetland and Neil McMahon's US data and the comparisons with Europe. Emily Rees was also an impressive presenter."

Paul Binns (P E Binns)


Transforming Offshore Operations - How companies are improving SCM, facilities and maintenance with a new wave of digital tools - Aberdeen June 20

Decommissioning - the D word - How companies are building a £bn business opportunity - and potentially saving HMRC £15bn - London June 23