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Finding Petroleum event reports

We have been producing reports of all Finding Petroleum and Digital Energy Journal conferences from April 2015 onwards. To download our reports free of charge please click on the links below. 

Report from Finding Petroleum in Sub Saharan Africa 24 May, 2019   Sep 2019

• Understanding petroleum systems - the key to exploration success?
• How source rock works - and studies offshore South Africa
• Is there a giant oil field offshore Guinea?
• Spectrum – looking for Gambia source rocks on seismic
• Why explorers need to think about ESG now too
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Report from Finding Petroleum Opportunities in The Middle East, June 25 2019, London   Sep 2019

Lebanon, new carbonate plays, earth imaging satellites and seeps

• Spectrum - good reasons there may be oil in Lebanon
• Cambridge Carbonates - more complex play types worth consideration
• Maxar - using earth imaging satellites in exploration
• CGG NPA - seeps and geological map making by satellite
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Petromall Insights - CO2 storage a viable business for oil and gas companies   Jul 2019

How do we make CO2 storage a viable business for oil and gas companies?

There is growing public and governmental demand for less CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Oil and gas companies have the technical and financial capability to put CO2 into the subsurface. But they aren't doing it. How can this be fixed?

Oil companies say that governments should make higher carbon prices or taxes. But governments are reluctant to impose higher energy costs on their voters.

Governments say that international / western oil companies should pay for CO2 capture and storage themselves. But the companies are reluctant to increase their costs of production above those of their national oil company competitors.

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Event report - New Geophysical Approaches - Apr 30 2019   May 2019

  • Advanced gravity survey technology
  • Assessing Atomic Dielectric Resonance
  • Getting more from mud gas analysis
  • Moving subsurface models around using data standards
  • Self organising maps on subsurface data
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Petromall Insights - Finding oil and gas business opportunities in East Africa   Apr 2019

"Time to fire the starting gun" in Uganda
"Need for compromise" from IOCs and government
Why Kenya's oil and gas progress is slow
The Invest in Africa initiative founded by Tullow
Oil “not very popular amongst the youth in Kenya”
Tanzania "not an easy place to do business"
Armour Energy in Uganda – all run by locals

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Different approaches to Digital Oilfield infrastructure - what makes a good solution
by Julian Pickering from Geologix Systems Integration Ltd

"Good to see how people think they can make money in the North Sea at these prices. Also enjoyed the Kimmeridge and Aurora presentations."

Roger Doery (Consultant)


Fractured reservoirs
'joined up' thinking on carbonates, basement, granite...
London, 23 Jan 2020