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Finding Petroleum event reports

We have been producing reports of all Finding Petroleum and Digital Energy Journal conferences from April 2015 onwards. To download our reports free of charge please click on the links below. 

Event report - Stavanger Dec 1 2016 "Transforming offshore operations with digital technology"   Feb 2017

  • Using the visualisation capability of our brains
  • Improving production decision making
  • Oil majors which keep master engineering documents on the cloud
  • Maintenance more efficiently - with a more effective ‘control of work’ system
  • Managing your engineering data with a data management framework rather than software
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Event report "North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean"   Feb 2017

  • How Zohr changes the way geologists understand the region
  • A Zohr type discovery in Cyprus?
  • Potential in Israel
  • Independent Resources’ experience in Egypt
  • Lebanon’s upcoming license round
  • Egypt’s “West Mediterranean”
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Report - Oct 21 2016 event "Finding Oil in Mexico and the Caribbean"   Dec 2016

  • How Sierra became the first independent oil company in Mexico since 1938
  • There are political and security risks - but don't let that put you off
  • The Norphlet Fairway in Mexico - "really interesting prospectivity"
  • How LGO Energy built an oil production operation in Trinidad
  • TGS' "Gigante" subsurface survey of Mexico
  • Does the geology distil to one or two "stories"?
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Report - Sept 20 2016 "New Exploration Ideas"   Nov 2016

  • Why “finding costs per barrel” is not the best value proposition
  • Applying the lessons of the 1986 crash
  • The technology future seismic budgets will be spent on
  • Why you should not trust well classifications
  • Why there is money to be made in North Sea exploration
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Event report - Jun 7 D for Decommissioning   Jul 2016

  • Lifting a platform in a single lift
  • Are Decommissioning Security Agreements doing their job?
  • Aligning government, operator and supplier
  • Using oil platforms for CO2 storage
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