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Getting Developments Right?

....done on time, on budget, as promised!

London, 10 Dec 2014

Delegates from these companies are attending...
Azimuth Management Limited   -   BG Group   -   BP   -   Crescent Petroleum Company UK   -   Dolphin Geophysical   -   Eni   -   EOG Resources   -   Petra Petroleum   -   Private E&P   -   Rosha Resources   -   Sasol Upstream OIl & Gas   -   Statoil   -   Sudanese Petroleum Corpo   -   Sudanese Petroleum Pipelines Company   -   Sustainable Energy Projects   -   Tullow   -   Sudanese Petroleum Corpo   -   Tullow   -   EOG Resources   -   DNV GL   -   Mars Omega LLP   -   Rosha Resources Ltd   -   CGG   -   Cameron   -  
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£50 (early bird)
Seats available

Finding African Oil
Invest in Africa! but where?
London, 28 Jan 2015


Non-seismic Geophysics
.....about to break through, or better to spend your money on a cup of coffee?
London, 19 Feb 2015

£50 (early bird)
Seats available

Finding Enough Oil & Gas in NW Europe
... to be more self-sufficient
London, 12 Mar 2015

£50 (early bird)
Seats available

Upstream Tech 2015
... lifting sub-surface interpretation into the second decade of the 21st Century!
London, 08 Apr 2015

£50 (early bird)
Seats available

Finding Oil in Atlantic Basins
....where are the new ideas?
London, 27 May 2015

£50 (early bird)
Seats available

Digital Oil Field
... delivering on early promise or not?
London, 17 Sep 2015

£50 (early bird)
Seats available

Finding Oil & Gas Down Under
Exploration in SE Asia & Australasia
London, 20 Oct 2015

£50 (early bird)
Seats available

Investing in E&P
….revisiting the capability challenge for oil & gas companies!
London, 19 Nov 2015


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Developing the Maestro EOR Screening Methodology
by Maggie Thompson from RPS Energy

"Right to the point. Compact arrangement. Very smooth. Knowledgeable presenters. Very good."

Peder Pedersen, IOSS


New E+P Technologies

...more and more data is becoming available to us.

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