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Finding Oil and Gas in Sub Saharan Africa

Offshore exploration potential / source rocks, Guinea Basin petroleum systems, Outeniqua - and ESG!

London, 24 May 2019

Julian Moore
» technical director
» Applied Petroleum Technology
Nick Cameron
» First Exchange Corporation
Karyna Rodriguez
» Director of Geoscience
» Spectrum
Rob Crossley
» Chief Geoscientist

Delegates from these companies are attending...
Africa Fortesa Corporation   -   Auriga Energy   -   GeoInsight Limited   -   Glencore   -   Independent   -   New Age   -   OK Energy Limited   -   PetroMall   -   Philax (UK)   -   Premier Oil   -   SCDM Energy   -   Shikra Consulting   -   Simelis   -   VAnalytiQ   -   Auriga Energy   -   VAnalytiQ   -   SLR Consulting Ltd.   -   CGG Robertson   -   Shell   -   Cornhill Economics Ltd   -   PGS   -   Airbus Defence and Space   -   OPG Supply   -   Stifel   -  
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East Africa Exploration: Hints from Remote Sensing and Potential Fields data from Continental to Prospect scale
by Alessandro Colla from Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services

"Thought provoking presentation on novel EM methods and an excellent presentation on multi-source towed streamer operations and survey design implications."

Richard Walker (Independent)


New Geophysical Approaches
New survey technology and interpretation methods
London, 30 Apr 2019