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Understanding Fractured Reservoirs & Rocks the Middle East, West of the Shetlands, the USA.

London, 23 Jan 2018

Dr Robert Trice
» Hurricane Energy
Kathy Kelly
» Subsurface manager
» Gulf Keystone Petroleum
Shane Hattingh
» ERC Equipoise
Jo Garland
» director
» Cambridge Carbonates

Delegates from these companies are attending...
AGAPE Armenia   -   BP   -   Caithness Petroleum Limited   -   Consultant   -   Delta Energy   -   Genel Energy   -   Gulf Keystone   -   Gulf Keystone Petroleum   -   Hansa Hydrocarbons   -   Hurricane Energy   -   Impact Oil & Gas   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   Independent consultant   -   Independent Consultant/Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exolorationists UK/EUROPE COORDINATOR   -   Loyz Energy   -   Lukoil   -   Lukoil Engineering, London Branch   -   Lukoil Overseas UK   -   Petrofac   -   Philax (UK)   -   SCDM Energy   -   Sceptre Oil & Gas   -   Shell   -   Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB   -   The Steam Oil Production CompanyCaithness Petroleum Limited   -   QX Energy Limited   -   Impact Oil & Gas   -   Lukoil   -   NPA Satellite Mapping   -   RPS Energy   -   Geospatial Research Ltd   -   Paetoro Consulting UK Ltd   -   Shearwater Geoservices   -   Kenmare Resources plc   -   BP   -   Richmond Energy Partners   -   Lukoil Engineering, London Branch   -   Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB   -   JJG Consulting International Ltd   -   RISC (UK) Limited   -   Wood Group   -   Nedbank Capital   -   Sceptre Oil & Gas   -   Loyz Energy   -   R Herbert Associates   -   Lukoil Overseas UK Ltd   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   A T Kearney   -   Polarcus   -   Tridevi Energy & Resources   -   The Steam Oil Production Company Ltd   -  
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Lenovo and CGG: Improved workflows for seismic interpretation
by Johan Steffensen from Lenovo

"In general it was very good. Quality of presentations was above expectation, mainly after attending the Decom North Sea conference two weeks ago."


Understanding fractured reservoirs and rocks

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The fact that fractures are common in the subsurface have been known for at least the last century but the practice of treating reservoirs as fractured rock masses has been extremely slow in becoming a standard industry practice, despite that fact that fields with such reservoirs are known from SE Asia, the carbonates of the Middle East and much more recently, the basement West of the Shetlands.