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Finding Petroleum Opportunities In The Middle East

How companies are finding opportunities in Iraq, Lebanon / Israel / Cyprus triangle - Saudi Arabia

London, 16 May 2017

Benoit Vincent
» Consultant Geologist
» Cambridge Carbonates
Kes Heffer
» Reservoir Dynamics
Richard Herbert
» Petroleos Monterrey
Thomas Jewell
» Exploration Insights Champion - Middle East, Europe, Eurasia & Africa
» Landmark Exploration Insights

Delegates from these companies are attending...
Adamant Ventures   -   Caithness Petroleum   -   ENGIE   -   IHS   -   Independent consultant   -   Lukoil   -   Lukoil Engineering, London Branch   -   Oil and Gas Consultancy   -   Sceptre Oil & Gas   -   Shikra Consulting   -   Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB   -   WyeDean   -   PetroMall Ltd   -   APT UK   -   Alesther Ltd.   -   Richmond Energy Partners   -   Caithness Petroleum   -   Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB   -   CGG   -   Consultant Geophysicist   -   Lukoil Engineering, London Branch   -   Adamant Ventures   -   Paetoro Consulting UK Ltd   -   Oil Plus / Evolve Group   -  
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Developments with Reservoir Exploitation
How geologists and geophysicists are applying their toolkit to improving oil and gas production
London, 06 Jun 2017

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Transforming offshore operations - Doing Software Right
Asset integrity management, logistics and offshore productivity
Aberdeen, 20 Jun 2017


Decommissioning - the D word
How companies are building a £bn business opportunity - and potentially saving HMRC £15bn
London, 23 Jun 2017


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by David Bamford from Finding Petroleum

"Very up to date and informative presentations. This is one of the best Finding Petroleum seminars I have been to."


Transforming Offshore Operations - How companies are improving SCM, facilities and maintenance with a new wave of digital tools - Aberdeen June 20

Decommissioning - the D word - How companies are building a £bn business opportunity - and potentially saving HMRC £15bn - London June 23