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Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean

How can the industry be developed across Lebanon, Malta, Egypt, Greece, Israel

London, 20 Sep 2018

Dr Steve Moore
» Chief growth officer
» Energean Oil and Gas
Matthew Pyett
» Project Geoscientist, New Ventures - Africa, Mediterranean & Middle East

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Equinor   -   Hurricane Energy   -   Upstream Consultants Limited   -   Equinor   -   Hurricane Energy plc   -   TGS   -  
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Improving profitability of organisations through digital technology
Where can digital technology specifically add value to organisations?
Kuala Lumpur, 09 Oct 2018

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Finding Oil in Central & South America
Developing the industry the right way in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil
London, 29 Oct 2018


Carbon management and the oil and gas industry
Methane leaks and CCS - how can the industry do more?
London, 13 Nov 2018

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Solving E&P problems with digitalisation
How can digitalisation better deliver what it promises - and where can it do more?
London, 19 Nov 2018

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Doing more with Offshore Engineering Data
How do we get to the utopia of a perfect engineering data set for an offshore platform?
Stavanger, 27 Nov 2018

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North West Europe
How do we develop more North Sea fields within financial viability?
London, 07 Dec 2018


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London, 24 Jan 2019


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London, 25 Feb 2019


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Observing reservoir dynamics and changing reservoir management
by Kes Heffer from PetroMall Ltd

"The quality, technical content and the smooth delivery of the presentations. The conference was short and concise and did not drag on."


Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean
What does Zohr lead to? Is Egypt 'hot' at the moment? What about Tunisia? Anything in Greece?
London, 20 Sep 2018
£50 + VAT