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Finding Enough Oil & Gas in NW Europe

An expert update on NW Europe E+P potential- offshore, margins and unconventionals

London, 12 Mar 2015

Hamish Wilson
» Principal: also President PESGB
Oswald Clint
» Senior Analyst
» Bernstein Research
Sarah Laird
» Regional Geoscientist
» Neftex

Delegates from these companies are attending...
Aiteo Energy   -   Azinor Catalyst   -   Consultant   -   Independent Consultant   -   LGO Energy   -   Medco   -   Milestone Exploration Limited   -   Moyes & Co.   -   OMV   -   Ossian Energy   -   Rosha Resources   -   Statoil   -   The Oxford Consultancy Group   -   White Rose Energy Ventures LLP   -   Wood Group Mustang   -   RISC (UK) Limited   -   ENVIRON UK Ltd.   -   Santander   -   OMV   -   PwC   -   The EIC   -   Aiteo Energy   -   Ossian Energy Ltd   -   LandMark   -  
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Transforming Sub-Surface Interpretation
Recent developments in subsurface data acquisition, integration, analysis and visualisation
Aberdeen, 17 Mar 2015


Carbon Capture - getting ready for Phase 2 and Phase 3
After White Rose and Peterhead - where next?
London, 27 Mar 2015

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Transforming Sub-Surface Interpretation
How to improve data acquisition, integration and analysis to get a better sub-surface understanding
London, 13 Apr 2015

£50 (early bird)
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Finding Oil in Atlantic Basins
....where are the new ideas?
London, 27 May 2015


Cost Reduction in This Era
what are the best techniques for reducing costs of offshore operations?
London, 05 Jun 2015

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Transforming Sub-Surface Interpretation
..…lifting it into the second decade of the 21stC!
Stavanger, 10 Jun 2015


Doing more with subsurface data
Better analytics - cloud - Hadoop - automatic data indexing - sticking to procedures
Stavanger, 11 Jun 2015


Finding Oil & Gas in Mexico
...the best of the "New Geographies!"
London, 16 Jun 2015


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Reconciling management ambitions with the opportunities and constraints of the digital oilfield.
by Torbjørn Forthun from Kongsberg

"Very interesting topic and relevant to my work as Warehouse Manager."

Henriette Vatne, GE Oil&Gas


Finding enough Oil & Gas in NW Europe

...a year of challenges ahead!

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