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Finding Oil in Central & South America

Developing the industry the right way in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil

London, 29 Oct 2018

Tim Davies
» Group Exploration Asset Manager
» Premier Oil
Read Taylor
» Sierra Oil & Gas
David Contreras
» Regional Data Sales Manager, Africa, North & South America
» Polarcus
Hannah Kearns
» geoscientist
» Spectrum
Nick Panes
» Senior Managing Director
» Control Risks Group

Delegates from these companies are attending...
Auriga Energy   -   CaribX and MDOIL Limited   -   Consultant   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   Independant   -   Independent   -   Independent consultant   -   Independent Consultant/Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exolorationists UK/EUROPE COORDINATOR   -   NRL   -   Petrofac   -   PetroMall   -   Philax (UK)   -   SCDM Energy   -   Shell   -   Tridevi Energy & Resources   -   Westwood Global Energy   -   Shell   -   Reservoir Dynamics Ltd   -   DNV GL   -   Lloyds's Register   -   APT UK   -   Petromall   -   Impact Oil and Gas   -   CGG   -  
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Quantifying methane leaks and flares from gas wells and facilities
Establishing a clear picture of methane leaks and flares is a match for the geophysicist skillset
London, 13 Nov 2018

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Solving E&P problems with digitalisation
How can digitalisation better deliver what it promises - and where can it do more?
London, 19 Nov 2018

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Transforming offshore operations with digital technology
Doing more with engineering data, machinery data, asset integrity data, safety data, production data
Stavanger, 27 Nov 2018

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Improving Recovery in North West Europe
How do we develop more North Sea fields within financial viability?
London, 07 Dec 2018


Model driven oil and gas
Reservoirs, production, assets - why "model driven" could be the future
London, 24 Jan 2019


Opportunities in Mature Provinces and Super Basins
companies are looking hard to find ways to make it viable to keep mature fields in production
London, 25 Feb 2019


Petroleum models and integrated subsurface data
better petroleum system models, are not used as much as they could be to improve production
London, 22 Mar 2019


New Geophysical Approaches
geophysicists are under pressure to find broader ways to apply their hard earned skills
London, 30 Apr 2019


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Listen to your Production: It is telling you something.
by Doug Gibson from Fotech Solutions Ltd

"The unexpected discovery from both presentations and networking."

Simon Bradbury (The Steam Oil Production Company Ltd)


Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean
What does Zohr lead to? Is Egypt 'hot' at the moment? What about Tunisia? Anything in Greece?
London, 20 Sep 2018
£50 + VAT