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Advertising & Sponsorship

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For sponsorship enquiries please contact Richard McIntyre,, Tel +44 208 150 5296

Some of our event packages include:

Event Speaker

It isn't just the audiences that benefit -- speakers at our events find that being involved can be incredibly beneficial for themselves and their companies too.

The foremost benefit of being a featured speaker at one of our events is that it raises your profile and stature by demonstrating your leadership role as an expert in your industry and in turn creates invaluable opportunities.

Other Benefits Of Being a Featured Speaker:

  • Raises your personal and corporate profile through the invaluable exposure you will receive in the conference brochures & marketing collateral distributed to promote the event
  • Creates new connections and also gives you access to an invaluable source of new clients, suppliers and strategic partners
  • Have an influence on and demonstrate your commitment to your industry
  • Gain recognition as an expert in your field
  • Network with other professionals and senior executives
  • Fulfill your personal continuing education goals
  • Be associated with a quality, senior level educational event and work with highly experienced conference developers

Event Sponsorship

With various options available to sponsor our events such as:

  • Tea Break or Lunch Break sponsorship Mention
  • Raffle Sponsorship

Exhibition Stands

We have a number of well placed exhibiting stands which allow for a point of enhanced communication within the intimate atmosphere we carefully maintain at all our events.

Website Banner Adverts

Proper business branding and strategic ad placement on the Finding Petroleum website will significantly help create improved top-of-mind-awareness for your products/services, while establishing credibility with your affiliation as an advertising member of the Finding Petroleum community.

All event sponsors, speakers and exhibitors receive:

  • Mention in our email updates
  • A detailed description in our printed programs
  • Exposure on our website viewed by in excess of 10,000 exclusive members.

To learn more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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(local digital oilfield heroes) - Improving safety through face to face onshore - offshore communication
by Jocelyn Lomer from cereno



Understanding fractured reservoirs and rocks

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The fact that fractures are common in the subsurface have been known for at least the last century but the practice of treating reservoirs as fractured rock masses has been extremely slow in becoming a standard industry practice, despite that fact that fields with such reservoirs are known from SE Asia, the carbonates of the Middle East and much more recently, the basement West of the Shetlands.