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About Us

Founded in 2008, Finding Petroleum runs events throughout the year that provide an impartial platform for Oil & Gas professionals to gather, exchange ideas and discuss subjects that are relevant to the many challenges that are faced throughout an industry which is always innovating to meet changing global needs.

With events held in London, Aberdeen and Stavanger, our subject matter range from - Finding Oil & Gas, new technologies and improved production, security, safety, environmental issues, working with differing government and public opinion to seismic surveys, exploration developments and much more.

Finding Petroleum and its members believe that all of these issues are best handled through human skill, sensitivity, intelligence, mental agility, collaboration, meritocracy, hard work, technology and data. Not hierarchy, control or conservative thinking.

The Finding Petroleum Team:

  • David Bamford, conference producer
  • Avinga Pallangyo, administrator
  • Richard Mcintyre, sales manager
  • Karl Jeffery, general manager

Contact Details:
Finding Petroleum
Future Energy Publishing Ltrd

39-41 North Road, London, N7 9DP

Company registration details:
Future Energy Publshing Ltd
Company No. 06866765
VAT number 190 6195 94

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(local digital oilfield heroes) - Improving safety through face to face onshore - offshore communication
by Jocelyn Lomer from cereno



Understanding fractured reservoirs and rocks

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The fact that fractures are common in the subsurface have been known for at least the last century but the practice of treating reservoirs as fractured rock masses has been extremely slow in becoming a standard industry practice, despite that fact that fields with such reservoirs are known from SE Asia, the carbonates of the Middle East and much more recently, the basement West of the Shetlands.