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How to digitalise operations

Maintenance, purchasing, asset management and decommissioning
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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
The Geological Society

No oil and gas company is satisfied with the level of digitalisation in their operations – but figuring out how to move further is extremely hard. There are a few stories around from oil majors about how they have invested big in advanced technologies like AI and seen big results.

But do the results actually come from the advanced technologies – or from doing digitalisation in the way that people always said it should be done, but wasn’t done until now – ie getting the basics of data management and technology implementation right?

Our London forum on November 13 will review different areas of digitalisation in oil and gas operations – including maintenance, purchasing, equipment monitoring and safety barrier management – and look at where the value is.

After many years of discussion about digitalising operations, we have a confusing array of technologies and methods, and quite a large gap between what companies talk about and what they do. It is hard to believe many companies are using AI in operations today - but with good reason, since it is a technology to find patterns in big data sets, which are not available in many areas of oil and gas operations.

And predictive analytics is also hardly used, if you define it specifically, trying to predict when components will fail. It can work if you have many components which are all the same, again very rarely the case.

Meanwhile companies are working much more with data. The software systems for managing parts, purchases, equipment and work, are becoming much more sophisticated. There is a great deal more sensor data. The biggest challenge companies face in 2019 is probably finding ways to integrate all of this new data together to make sense out of it.

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