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Opportunities in Mature Provinces and Super Basins

New ideas to develop small pools, get more production from large reservoirs, reduce cost of producing
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
The Geological Society

On June 25 we’ll look at techniques particularly appropriate for mature reservoirs, across exploration, drilling, field development and late life management. For example how can we make sure our drillbits are steered accurately into smaller reservoirs, new field development approaches such as much simplified floating equipment, alternative field development options such as CO2 flooding, and what a ‘margin business’ approach looks like.

Call for speakers - Oil companies are still hungry for ways to squeeze more out of older fields, but it involves trying something they have not done before. Do you have ways to get insight from large amounts of archive data, or understand small reservoirs in much higher resolution? Do you have technology which can support collaborative work when multiple companies are sharing the same infrastructure? please e-mail if you have interesting ideas you may be interested in presenting

From the UK continental shelf to Malaysia, companies are looking hard to find ways to make it viable to keep mature fields in production – and discovering it requires a different mindset. Finding small pools adjacent to existing infrastructure, using lower cost field development methods, and lower cost / easier decommissioned production methods (such as floating infrastructure) – even using offshore renewable energy to power platforms.

Read the report from our Feb 18 mature fields event


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