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New Geophysics - confronting fractures!

Advances in seismic technolgy that enable us to become entirely predictive about fractures!
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Monday, April 27, 2020
The Geological Society

We hope that this event will have wide coverage of the rocks, from fractured basement, fractured carbonates to fractured granites and fractured shales. And from folk working in the Middle east, NW Europe, US, Cornwall etc. And from geoscientists, reservoir engineers.....

Our perception is that a lot of very detailed knowledge lies in 'silos' that could maybe be overcome in big companies but is challenging for E&Ps.

So the easy starting point for this event is to enhance knowledge exchange, networking etc.

However as an unreconstructed geophysicist I think there is an innovation edge too - how do we get to understand the geometry of fractures, whether they are open or not, away from wells, in the body of the reservoir? I think this is the sort of problem that has been cracked on the Clair field, West of Shetlands, but hasn't been shared!

Note this event follows our Apr 30 2019 "New Geophysical Approaches" event.

You can see the full report from the event, including attendee list, by clicking on the cover below.


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